Course Materials and Announcements: You will receive no adjustment to your fees in the event that you are dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites 2. In order to be eligible for the W. Dr Lorne Campbell on Open Science. As one specific example, you are expected to show initiative in searching for and becoming knowledgeable about the research literature in your thesis domain. Thus, in all instances, you should first check with the Psychology Honors Thesis Coordinator. The specific date, time and location for each presenter will be provided in a schedule distributed by mid-October for the Fall Term presentations, and by mid-December for the Winter Term presentations.

Independent research under the direction of a faculty member. If your thesis topic is in one of these SSHRC domains, but also includes substantial elements of neuroscience e. Thus, you should be well prepared for each meeting with your supervisor. If you have a laptop, please bring it with you to the workshop. In addition, our department has a number of cross-appointed and research adjunct faculty members with full-time appointments in other parts of Western, including the Business School, Communicative Disorders, Kinesiology, Psychiatry, Education, Brescia and Huron. Use of the service is subject to the licensing agreement, currently between Western and Turnitin.

The Chair announces the tbesis of the vote on the acceptability of the content of the thesis and of the oral defense and asks if further discussion is needed. The Chair collects the completed forms and tallies the results. The Supervisor has the right yhesis not be recognized as the Supervisor on the published thesis. The content or quality of the work must not be discussed among these people until the oral examination itself is underway. In the case of co-authored papers chaptersthe student must include a statement of co-authorship for each paper included in the thesis, describing the nature and extent of 4580 by the student and by others.


Only for those students working with humans. The Examiners do their work in a two-stage process. These components include completing a research ethics confirmation form, giving a talk each term in a small group sessionand handing in preliminary written versions of both your thesis introduction and method.

The Examiners question the candidate in the agreed-upon order, with the Chair holding them to the agreed-upon time thhesis. Talk 2 on Method is tuesis Jan. A departmental committee then evaluates all nominated theses to determine the award winner. This should include evaluation of the thesis in terms of its organization, presentation of graphs, tables, and illustrative materials, and its use of accepted conventions for addressing the scholarly literature Evaluate the candidate’s skill and knowledge in responding to questions and defending the thesis Ensure authenticity of authorship SGPS distributes to the Examiners an electronic package via e-mail consisting of: Must have appropriate SGPS membership No more than one Program Examiner may be from the candidate’s Thesis Supervisory Committee Must not have had significant uwk in the development of the thesis nor interest in the outcome.

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This course is exclusively for students in the DCN module. All other students i.

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Whether or not the re-submitted thesis is found acceptable, the candidate proceeds to Stage Two: Use of the service is subject to the licensing agreement, currently between Western and Turnitin. The test of whether or not a conflict of interest might exist is whether a reasonable outside person could consider a situation to exist that could give rise to an apprehension of bias.

Developmental Disorders This half course will cover theory and treatment related to major childhood disorders affecting learning and development, including autism, learning disabilities, mental retardation, and physical handicaps. Instead, students complete all of the assignments, as described in point 5.

The Chair of the committee provides the Graduate Chair, Supervisor sand student written notification of the decision and the changes suggested by the committee The Examination must then proceed as listed in Section 5. This is typically an empirical project that requires analysis of data. Students from a number of Ontario universities participate at this conference and give short thesis talks or poster presentations of their research.


The title page contains the copyright notice and information to identify the thesis in catalogues and bibliographies.

uwo thesis 4850

Design and statistical analysis will be taught in the context of specific studies and data sets from correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental and qualitative research. During the initial phases of your project, your thesis supervisor may also recommend readings associated with 8450 thesis topic. The acknowledgments note help received from the Supervisor sstaff, co-authors and co-researchers, fellow students, uqo or others in the collection of materials or data, the design and construction of apparatus, the analysis of data, and the writing of the thesis.

Who attends the Master’s Thesis Examination. This will be followed by up to 5 minutes of questions from your peers about your work. Students in fourth year Honours Specialization in Animal Behaviour may also enrol in this course.

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Only for those students working with animals 3. As part of your learning experience in completing an honors thesis, your thesis supervisor may also expect you to regularly engage in various other thesis-relevant research activities in the lab.

The overall dates for these small group talks are listed later in this tehsis outline. Information about the format for Posters and the Final Written Thesis Your thesis project may vary somewhat.

Co-authors or tehsis of any component of the thesis may not serve as Examiners.