Find the new vector from the random point to the given point, and take the scalar projection. I will do my best to be checking the forum at least once a day maybe more often and answer any questions. When we parametrize the line through two points, does it matter which of the two points given we use as for the vector valued function? Like in Math and your success in Math requires a lot of hard work, hours of study and problem solving, and your active involvement in learning, both in and outside of the classroom. Both are mandatory and contribute to your final grade. Homework for Math

Introducing functions of several variables. Alexandra, multiple integrals are not going to be on the exam. Choose your review exam score from the drop-down menu on the right. Critical points for functions of two variables. There is a parallel vector to the line that needs to be found. We have this equation, but what exactly am I describing?? Local extrema, critical points, 2nd derivative test.

PaperCoach can help you with all your papers, so check it out right now! I will correct all of them in the next couple of days. I will do my best to be checking the forum at least once a day maybe more often and answer any questions. The problem asks to determine c so that vectors and are parallel.

Thank You Evangelos K. If Homewoek had to guess, I would say that you took the difference in the wrong order.

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It asks to find the force that is required to change the course of the particle. As Tamer noticed this Jacobian is not r.


Any plane that is parallel jic the xy-plane also consists of points with the same z-coordinate. One of the conditions for taking this course is that the student should be able to take the final exam.


It will be given once a week and it will be collected by your TAs. Two midterm exams and the final exam. The condition on the plane truncates the ice-cream from underneath. In that caseit is easy to see that you are getting a plane.

Sri, the idea is to homrwork everything into vectors and then integrate the acceleration to find the velocity and then the velocity to get the position function. I remind you that you will make three copies of this exam, solve the problems on one of them and learn them really well. Submit your in-class review exam scores Check your Progress Grid Read or update your journal Study or update your list of errors Study or update your list of background issues.

Can I go further or did I approach the problem the wrong way? There will be a second homework posted on my webisite along with every lecture. I can solve the question using physics, as it is fairly simple; however, I’m trying to the put the problem in perspective using vectors and the concepts we’ve discussed.

uic math 210 homework

Go to the “Homework” tab to see them. As Raphael noted, this will produce all points on a plane that is parallel to the xy-plane and goes through 0,0,1.

uic math 210 homework

Don’t get confused with the homeeork of the cross product of two vectors. Caitlin, Sophia is right. It helps to draw a diagram- the angle is given and so is the hypotenuse.


Oksana, as Amanda very correctly noted, the point Q is a point in the given plane that we find by inspection. Such discrepancies may be found at a routine check of the class binder.

I get C in my answer because for the integrals of one of the line segments my integrand is zero after doing the dot product.

There are more complicated space curves that also have constant curvature such as closed helices attached to hic surface of a torus doughnut. If your question is specifically about the gravitational field, then we did mention in class that it is conservative and you should be able matu find its potential in a straightforward way. Changing the order of integration, volumes of regions between 2 surfaces, area of a plane region using double integrals.

The connection is through the Pythagorean theorem. Anyone have any suggestions for me? The first and more general one is to take the triple integral of the function 1 over it. If you know one point on it, it is easy to find its equation.

You should just make sure that the paths that you choose take you to the mah under question – in this case 0,0.

uic math 210 homework