Buchi or Butsi — a rice cake made from sweet rice flour that is molded into shape with a sweet bean paste filling and sesame seed coating. Remember also that test marketing of your product or service is a very important component of your 1 While preparing your business and marketing. Tupig — made from glutinous or malagkit rice flour, coconuts, molasses, sesame seeds, wrap in banana leaves and baked over live charcoal. We planned to be the best puto product who offer price that can be patronized by the customer and at the same time served a delight and great taste puto with the twist for our customer. Businesses in the province are fortunate to have enjoyed a very business-friendly environment, the plan to re-established. Biko is basically rice cakes topped with latik. Puto krema have different flavors:

The product is known for its attractiveness. We operate our business only in Caloocan. Forecasting business threats will be useful. Log In Sign Up. They are looking for the product wherein it has quality and good taste. Putovarian, Putchoco krema and Kremaberry. Its great to eat in any time of the day.

Puto is quite popularly paired with the classic Dinuguan.

Guiding them to serve at home a healthy foods and good quality product, for them to be healthy. P-Delight would be successfully build-up by the teams samppe, knowledge about the businessdiscipline and love for the chosen business and with the help of the advisors.

sample business plan for kakanin

Tasting your own kakanin may involve some kind of bias. Made from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and evaporated milk, topped with cheese and milk, this sweet and creamy delight would surely conclude your trip to Vigan with a smile. CRITICAL RISK Our competitors are all vendors of talipapa there are some vendors who are giving promo but our business is different from them because our all products made of good quality materials that is more affordable than the materials of our competitors use.


The eleven business owners will have a total of P 44, Learn how to write business plan introduction. We planned to be the best puto product who offer price that can be patronized by the customer and at the same time served a delight and great taste puto with the twist for our customer.

business plan for kakanin

To achieve our customers tongues and give them good service and nutritious food that would help their body composition and variety of food that surely enjoy. It is brownish in color; it is very sticky that you will almost spend your whole time chewing it.

This graph shows the Puto krema focuses on the target market such as Residents, students and by passers. Below are list bysiness Filipino kakanin delicacies which you can use to start a small kakanin business.

Asenso sa Luto (Kakanin, Meryenda atbp)

It is a partnership business with four members which will start from a share capital of Php 3, Shows the target market of Puto Krema. The purpose of the partners of Puto Dor, envisions being fog leading food delicacy distributor providing customers with a great experience one visit at a time.

They are steamed for almost an hour and topped with sliced cheese. A business is a blueprint that gives your kakanin business a sense of direction.

How to Start a Kakanin Business in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

It is important for us to address the problem to have a corresponding solution for it. As a huge fan of the Filipino way of cooking. Puto krema have different flavors: There will be no capitalization in our business or our products will patronize by the buiness and society.


sample business plan for kakanin

Go back to the main article: These two would always be a perfect kakajin combo. As we starting a low price it would certainly fulfil the customer demand. The word kakanin is derived when reviewing a marketing plan. Cuchinta kutsinta — a native delicacy in the Philippines. This is one way of educating and empowering you as an entrepreneur.

Putovarian, Putchoco krema and Kremaberry.

business plan for kakanin

Cassava cake — a classic Filipino dessert made from grated cassava or manioc, a woody shrub where the starch that is used to make tapioca are derived. Yung kakanin na dati nakabalot sa dahon ng saging ilagay mo sa styro tapos lagyan mo ng plastic Business Plan, Franchising, Multi Level Marketing, Negosyo.

sample business plan for kakanin

Paraan ng pagluto ng Leche. Pichi-pichi If you see a light yellow kakanin coated in grated coconut, then that is the Pichi-pichi.

The box must be as visually appealing as the product inside, with vivid hues like red, yellow, or pink to evoke happiness and excitement. Sapin-sapin There would never be any other kakanin as vibrantly colored as the sapin-sapin. Whether you want to eat it as is, or pair it with a decent serving of sweet mangoes, they are definitely really good to eat. They do not focus on product promotion.