Two teams found they could learn about the formation of lunar craters above by making their. Our next post on this course will focus on the creation and output of a program to analyze the data set. DLEs tend not to have secondary craters surrounding them. I predict that as the height increases, the distance travelled in air will also increase. It has a pretty low uncertainty value making it quite repeatable.

None of the error bars overlap which suggests my data is reliable. Ocr physics coursework help Apr Maintaining to travel further at take-off. The study is listed below in the References section. Place the marble on the line marked off in point 2 and release it without exerting extra force. One evidence for this idea is that there are few secondary craters nearby.

The data has a clear positive trend which supports my hypothesis. Coursework Practical Coursework is a really important part of many Physics courses and so it is vital that you understand what to do in order to be successful.

I would expect the. Scrape the crater To flatten out the sand and remove the crater for away to flatten the next launch. Friction from runway Friction causes objects to slow down, transferring there kinetic energy into thermal energy. Planetary Surface Properties, Cratering Physics.

physics coursework craters secondary data

At a height of 50cm the average distance travelled in air was cm. Physics Coursework Gravity Investigation gcse coursework help – Coursework Writing Service coursework -writing-service.


Craters Coursework

The highlighted figure is an outlier which was in the range of the previous trial. Angle of the falling object As the angle of the falling object gets steeper the more gravity acts upon it making it travel faster and therefore further. Ocr physics coursework help Apr Slopes, correlations, and physical Models, J.

physics coursework craters secondary data

They received one outlier which makes it equally as reliable as ours. Help Center Find new research papers in: Neither old location of codes that moved nor deleted codes secondaryy shown in this listing; that information may be viewed on other areas of this site.

Considering the Craters of Mars

The first stipulates that a practical activity is carried out to solve a problem without the use of technical equipment. We carried out preliminary checks prior to the experiment to ensure the data is of pysics good quality.

physics coursework craters secondary data

A ball can be dropped. Clamp stand Coursewogk secure the height of the runway at the top because if it moves it could affect the height or how the marble travels down which could affect the results and thus hinder reliability.

Distance travelled in Air Controlled How will it be Why? Mars Craters – Looking for major scondary Can craters records help to understand Mars history? This review also discusses how small craters can sometimes be used to derive meaningful age constraints.

Considering the Craters of Mars – Towards Data Science

At 10 cm we got a value of 75cm and at 20cm we got a value of cm. The smaller the error bars, the more accurate the results are. At a height of 20cm the average distance travelled in air was cm. Mass of Object The greater the mass of the object the further the distance as there is a greater cratesr.


Making Impact Craters Overview. I’ m doing my coursework at the minute OCR B and I’ ve chosen to investigate craters when dropping ball bearings into sand. The longer it is the less the change in gradient will affect it.

Physics coursework craters

This experiment did 3 repeats and then showed an average which increases accuracy and validity Physics Craters Coursework Preliminary work: Each time it hits the side the marble loses KE so it lowers the distance travelled in air. Its my first piece of physics coursework and. As part of this first week, I am selecting a research question and data sets that I will continue to work on throughout the course.

The use of the toy car is not a significant difference as it is still able to produce results to prove the hypothesis, it is the same concept and the trend is the same.