Hi, Who told you that you need to put at least one national university? Some useful discussion on this reddit thread: Thank you for breaking down the research plan elements. My question is regarding the Research Timeline, can I include that during my research student period i will be preparing for the entrance examinations or there is no need to mention this information? Japanese Universities Step-by-step guide on how to browse and search for suitable Japanese universities on your field of study. Prospective Japanese Supervisors Learn how to respectfully and efficiently contact and screen potential Japanese supervisors. Hope my answer helps.

In general your proposal should include the following sections: This webesite helped me a lot on my journey to the monbusho preparation. Should refer your interest and idea. Hokusai may have been overly optimistic about his own life span, but he still achieved a supreme mastery of line nonetheless. I will also use this time to research extracurricular study opportunities in the community surrounding my university.

Explain in details my theme with examples of how I will conduct my work with a good time line description very clear and planned. In my opinion, going long does not make you look more prepared, it makes you look less organized and less able to communicate clearly.

Research Proposal – Lars Martinson: Cartoonist

However I did see someone online from US I think? But since you shared this beautiful step by step help propoeal achieving this, you really inspire me: I will be applying for a masters course in Japan for intake…. Thanyou for your great help my field is far different from yours.

I addressed in detail how to ,onbukagakusho the research plan in the blog post. You can also have a read the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if you can find the answers to your questions.


The first 6 months I am going to consult with my supervisor about the paper and read some articles about it exapmle the same time am going to learn Japanese and the next semester am going to finish the paper and then apply for MBA in HR for the whole next year so 24 months in total.

The purpose of writing a plan at this point is to prove that you can. Please read what I wrote above. Stigie 28 April at How can I save on tuition at Strayer University? Thank you very much. I am sorry to say that I think it will seriously hurt your chances, because this document is probably the most important one in the application.

Hi, I am applying for mext this year, does my research plan have to be Japan related?

monbukagakusho research proposal example

Will this affect my chances? Interview at the embassy In some countries this is at the same stage as the tests, often on the same day, and in others they have an extra selection stage after the tests.

Thank you in advance! But to have researcj strong application you should explain why you want to do the research in Japan and not in your home country.

Research Proposal

I get more questions monbkagakusho day than I can answer, so it does take a while sometimes to reply, but I do not ignore any questions. If you can convince them that your history degree is relevant to the research you want to do, you may get away with it. Hi Travis, thank you very much for this amazing guide. Hello Lars, This might be a silly question but I just wanna make sure. First, there are two colleges with English course that I am applying for. I do recommend that you include your research student period in your timeline.


monbukagakusho research proposal example

Do i have to write the university asking for a list or something? It has not been formally vetted by any MEXT officials, Embassy staff, or grad school admissions committees, yet. Hi Travis, I have noticed the new guideline about the Field of Study and Research Plan that the document shoukd not exeed 2 pages.

The course is a two year course, but would I have to pay for my own expense in the last semester? This is because I am currently working in the travel and tourism industry. For the specifics of the research plan time frames etc. You can ask your questions in the comments here, on the FAQ page, or by email and I will answer them by updating the FAQ and letting you know when the answers are available. I have found a few sample plans monbukzgakusho past applicants that may be helpful I refer to them in my upcoming book about the FSRPP.

They should be in your references section already. I resfarch to ask one basic question about the research plan.