For a front kick, the knee will be brought up bent and pointing towards the target; a round house kick, the knee will be bent compressed on a horizontal plane also pointing towards the target; a side kick, the knee will be bent compressed with the knee directly in alignment behind the weapon i. The form should be able to be drawn on a diagram and broken down elementally. This is just the description fo Short Form 3 for my thesis. It went very deep into my heart and into my mind, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. You can follow me on https: Your user name or email address:

This Library is not here to assist others in stealing their thesis– in fact most instructors will know of this information as they or their peers have submitted. Our primary focus is to avoid being hit. There are so many other black belts that I want to thank that have helped mold and shape me into the martial artist I am today. Each time I advanced in rank, my topic ideas changed. Parker or your instructor, will select a subject related to your skill, profession or hobby if he feels it will benefit all members of the Association. Although I am comparing this principle side by side, tension and release manifest themselves in music and martial arts in different ways and for different purposes. Good stuff, thanks for the link.

It was about how Kenpo shapes the individual, and what it means to different people. Just a small portion to add here The piece for Long 1 is somewhat obvious as well but is more sophisticated than the piece for Short 1 in that there is movement in the bass voice. By creating a sound, one human being is able thesie with another. How do weapons translate into real life?


I turned in 80 pages and 6 hours of video.

kenpo karate thesis

This gives the canidate some assistance in how to approach the project without it being the creation of the instructor, but rather the student. Education is our main weapon in life. Prentice- Hall, I remember those classes well: There are a few I’ve read over the past couple of years and I learned a lot from them.

My musical background and faculties as a composer 3. I think being in service to yourself, your family, and your community helps a person lead a balanced life.

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I had gained a sense of independence and self-knowledge which perhaps would never have come otherwise. However, my desire to learn and to preserve my gorgeous features soon had me up to speed, and now I love stickwork, especially full contact sparring.

I have been told that I have an individual energy and outlook that brings something new to my friends and acquaintances. My personal thhesis 2. The unique mix of aggression and trust required for the fights made me more comfortable interacting with people everywhere in my life, but I do not believe that it was simply the kafate that developed my confidence.

The first lesson was so empowering; the idea of not only being able to protect myself but my children, if necessary, was a mind-opening experience. Apr 9, 4.

kenpo thesis

If we fail to look, and focus what is in front of us, we are destined to get hit, we are destined to make terrible life mistakes, and most tragically, we will fail in all that we do for failing to understand this most important task. A little background may be helpful for some of our newer students: He started in when he was just four thesiz old. They are part of me now, an inerasable mark left by Doce Pares that I am immensely grateful for. Protection knpo a fundamental principle in Kenpo.


I will only be using sound that cannot be codified as language beyond a reasonable doubt. Apr 9, 2.

Stewart is not only thesiss tremendous martial artist, but a fantastic teacher and friend. Sections of this page. Exploring the role of women in Kenpo. Track 3 on CD, see appendix for notation This could be taken to an even higher level but because it is so literal it would not present a very effective nor listenable musical interpretation of Kenpo Karate.

kenpo karate thesis

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Oct 22, Messages: Your Black Belt Thesis To any of members in teh process of writing their thesis if you would like objective eyes karahe read it before you submit it please contact me. It is hard to always find balance as an adult:

kenpo karate thesis