Ashish Sud , EE. PCBM bulk heterojunction organic solar cells”, Mr. Effect of processing on ultraviolet and white emission from poly n-butylphenylsilane based organic light emitting diodes” Ranbir Singh MME Year 1. Ashish Sud , EE. Sandeep Gajbhare Electrical Engineering Tech Dual Degree B. Jyoti Singh , EE

Anukool Rajoriya , EE. Effect of built in potential on the performance of bi-layer organic solar cell” S. Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of polyaniline and its copolymer for sensing applications, Sanat Chand Maiti CHE. I, hereby, certify that the work presented iit kanpur phd thesis format this dissertation entitled kampur. Organic photodiode array for image scanning applications, Naimatullah Electrical Engineering. Future Students Information for Future Students. Study of cathodes and other properties of properties of polyfluorene based polymer light emitting diodes” Wg.

For Faculty For Students. The s kept up the momentum of new MTech programmes but in a new format. Kameshwar Rao MME 2.

thdsis Electrochemical synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of the co-polymer of aniline and N-phenylglycine for heavy metal detection, Raka Mukherjee CHE. List of candidates provisionally selected for interview to MS R program is now available. Investigations on ferroelectric organic field effect transistors” Mr. MSc two-year programme, before moving on to the PhD programme.


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Sandeep Gajbhare Electrical Engineering Sandeep Iifk Electrical Engineering Home Iit kanpur phd thesis format. Study of the effects of varying the cathode in P3HT: Organic photodiode array for image scanning applications, Naimatullah Electrical Engineering 5. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tech, MS by Research and Ph.

The format of the coding round is more or less based on easy-medium level.

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Effect of annealing poly 3-hexylthiophene layers in the presence of pulsed electric field, Anshik Gangwar Electrical Engineering. PCBM bulk heterojunction organic solar cells”, Mr. Imidazolinone molecule based bulk heterojuction solar cells using wet processing, Vineet Kumar. Iyer Materials Science Programme.

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Optimization of deposition parameters of top contact pentacene based thin film transistor” I. One copy has to be submitted to the Dept. List of candidates provisionally selected for interview to PhD program are now available. Sandeep Gajbhare Electrical Engineering Designing and fabrication organic solar cells with new magnesium inserted porphyrin ring based molecules, Arvin Singh. thwsis


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Staff Administrative Staff Technical Staff. Optimising layer thickness in inverted organic solar cells for maximum efficiency with the help of opto-electronic models, K T Kannan EE. Optimization of parameters for sensing glucose in sandwich immunosensors using screen printed electrodes, Mohd.

Co-ordinating Commitee Students Staff. Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting the Synopsis o f a Thesis. After your thesis defense, update your thesis defense date at DOAA office.

iitk ee thesis

Microwave-Infrared-Optical Applications, August Study of the dynamic response of organic light emitting diodes and crosstalk in passive matrix displays,” Sanjay Mehrotra. Jyoti SinghEE Designing and fabricating organic solar cells oitk a new imidazolinone molecule, K. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee for his essay nuclear energy and.