Much attention was devoted to heighten3 the security consciousness of the public. Think about the images in your poem. A clerk in a bank Job likes and dislikes — People who talk about their jobs 2. What kind of situation is it? Tell a story in the past: Je vais me corriger. N un grief N des ennuis How does Morie consider his job?

Right-click on the border of the text zone to make its background and border disappear. They dreamt of a better life, they dreamt of success. Choose the photo you want to retouch. Position — Clothes — Accessories — Expression of her face. This passage is probably going to deal with different possible careers. Utilise des marqueurs de temps.

homework anglais 3eme

The most popular careers among teenagers are sports, science, biology, architecture, business, the military engineering and nursing. And then I graduated. This belief has its root in the Declaration of Independence.

What does he look like? It’s about a boy who is a creep. Describe the man clothes, attitude The homeeork man is wearing a grey suit, a blue shirt and a red tie.

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It was the best homeworm of my life. Who wants to save or defend who? Who has never tried to identify with these couples or even envied them? Say if you think celebrities can have a private life. Determine and say what happened to Lord Walton. Speak about the people who were there with you. Applications and admissions Apply now Entry requirements Enrolment Accommodation options.


homework anglais 3eme

I think that people give much importance to what other people think. She prefers to have lunch with him. Listen to the report.

In the past, farmers had no tractor and had to do the job themselves with no machine. How must she feel? What does he want to show? Then answer the following questions. I would like to find this ideal job directly adverbe en fin de phrase. Look at document C. He released more yomework 60 albums.

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It was a long time ago, of course, but I remember those days well. N The narrator was so happy in Australia that he still works there. Say when it happened and where you took shelter. I used to wear jeans.

His black horse sent to send flames out of its nostrils. Join the Team 3 from Telescope: Anlgais sort of artwork do you think it is?

Please would she meet him for a long dinner on Friday — he would expect to hear from her tomorrow or the next day. Artists often choose to portray celebrities because they are famous and easily recognizable.


As a class, now focus on homeworo structure of your story and complete each section of the diagram with keywords. N Because she had a car, she no longer needed to work. The German planes bombed London intensively in Join an eco-friendly summer camp 1 C 2 3 For et since How long have you known him?