Discovery filters enable you to limit discovery to specific network segments, domain name, specific IP address or IP address ranges. System must be accessed through a web browser in different platforms i. Pro-active Monitoring Relying solely on receiving alerts from the remote entities to monitor device health is not full-proof, as the network device could in fact be powered off and never be able to send an alert. Create CLI scripts that can be used for various device activities such as large scale configuration changes. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy.

Outline Standardizing architectural descriptions: Auth with social network: Choose one or more design concepts that satisfy the selected drivers Step 5: Instantiate architectural elements, allocate responsibilities and define interfaces Step 6: It isolates and abstracts operations with the time servers to support communication with different type of time server.

Display information The user displays stored information about the time server- configuration values and other parameters such as the server name UC Enable your IT organization to focus less on daily maintenance and more on meeting future business needs by choosing Perle as your complete Managed Media Converter, Ethernet Extender and Industrial Stusy Solutions Provider.

Moreover, it introduced new services gradually. With pre-configuration, an authenticated user connected to PerleVIEW can connect to any of the devices without re-authenticating again to the device. Some organizations with already established SNMP based systems may have the need to receive copies of the alerts received from the czse.

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fcaps case study

Administration Accounting Management For large enterprises, a number of groups of individuals with varying responsibilities are involved in the management of the network. Depending on the industry in which you do business, there may be one or more compliance regulations that require auditing to occur.

Any process for configuration management needs to include a process whereby that environment can be audited against its baseline.

Designing Software Architectures: A Practical Approach by Rick Kazman, Humberto Cervantes

In fact, many of these databases are redundant, in order to increase the robustness of the system to normal faults. By relying on the already established Windows Server security infrastructure that has been adopted by the enterprise, PerleVIEW is automatically protected and can capitalize on sthdy change management, Active Directory policy management and strong authentication schemes that already exist.


Becuase it directly supports the core business UC This representation is xtudy continuously as faults are detected or repaired UC Database Server System under development External system Fig. Upon successful login, the user is presented with different options according to their role UC Perform Analysis of Current Design and Review Iteration Goal and Achievement of Design Purpose The following table summarize the design proress using the Kanban board technique Not Addressed Partially Addressed Completed Addressed Design Decision Made during the Iteration QA-2 Introduction of a time server access module in the data layer on the server application that encapsulates communication with the time servers.

4. Case Study: FCAPS System – Designing Software Architectures: A Practical Approach [Book]

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Pro-active Monitoring Relying solely on receiving alerts from the remote entities to monitor device health is not full-proof, as the network fcapss could in fact be powered off and never be able to send an alert. This enables the client cade the managed devices to exist on separate unconnected or firewalled networks.

Review Inputs The first step of the ADD method involves reviewing the inputs and identifying which requirements will be considered as drivers Category Details Quality attribute scenario The scenarios were described in previous xase. Discovery filters enable you to limit discovery to specific network segments, domain name, specific IP address or IP address ranges.

Navigate the entire device collection by name, IP subnet, device type, hardware type, health status or even your own custom group.

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Serial Cards Parallel Cards. Functionality Usability Reliability Performance Supportability extensibility.

Administrators can also take advantage of utilizing established Microsoft Groups to profile PerleVIEW users and what roles they can have within the system.

This is helpful to support limited-bandwidth connections. PerleVIEW can automatically discover and identify devices attached to the network.


fcaps case study

World without FCAPS- ViaSat Case Study Introduction The network management is the set of activities dedicated to the control and surveillance of the telecommunications infrastructure of a company or operator. The protocol is added successfully without any changes to the core components of the systems UC-5 QA-3 Availability A failure occurs in the management system during normal operation.

fcaps case study

Collect performance data Network performance data delay, offset, and jitter is collected periodically from the time servers UC We think you have liked this presentation. And in those small networks, it is often the work of a small group of trusting individuals to complete the network build and administration tasks.

Security Management Enabling successful security management means segregating the roles and responsibilities of administrators and users, logging their activity, and ensuring the privacy of data on the network. Among other issues, it necessitated the control of a growing number of stdy technologies and equipment suppliers.

Outline Standardizing architectural descriptions: Since the Rich Client is being programmed in Java, this supports execution under Windows, OSX, and Linux CON-3 Physically structure the application using 3-tier deployment pattern, and isolate the database by providing database access components in the data layer of the application server CON-4 Use of Java Web Start technology requires the client to be downloaded only the first time, and then when upgrades occur.

QA-3 Identification of the elements derived from the deployment pattern that will need to be replicated QA-4 No relevant decisions made, as it is neccessary to identify the elements that participate in the use studg that is associated with the scenario CON-1 Structuring the system using 3 tiers will allow multiple clients to connect to the application server.