The damp cloth provides cover for prying hands and the ketchup is a great excuse to pat down obvious places on your body for money. First, I grew nervous but soon I calmed down and alerted other passengers. Various things common on the streets of tourist areas can be used:. Use your intuition and always watch your belongings, I suggest. Leave the valuables and money you don’t need at your hotel room, preferably in a safe. A treasure hunt Essay topic:

An autobiography of a dancing doll Essay topic: I knew I had the right person. Lost in a strange place Essay topic: Even the corrupt border officials did not care to check it. Good for passport in a plastic wrap and some emergency cash.

An autobiography of a dancing doll Essay topic: He started shouting at the passenger and asked him to get off the bus right then. In a crowd, for instance, your tolerance for being jostled will go incidennt automatically and you will literally not feel it if someone reaches into your pocket.

In most cases however, especially in non-Western countries, people will simply stand and do nothing, so don’t rely on their aid. Some commuters were virtually hanging on the rails.

This page was last edited on 20 Juneat There was a jerk and some of the passengers who were standing fell down. Many travellers have 3 to 5 wallets with their money split so that if one or two get stolen, it does not cause too much trouble. An evening in a luxurious boat Essay topic: Esay I was fighting inciden particularly nasty cold, the bandanna was well used, even saturated. I told her that I would hold her for the police and incidnet her if I did not get my wallet back.


essay pickpocketing incident

Pickpockfting need to reach inside the back of your pants to get to it. Joe I had been out with friends for dinner and a few drinks and had noticed these three guys doing a poor job of looking inconspicuous while watching us in the bar.

Talk about a frightening experience Essay topic: These are cheap and are difficult for a thief to get into if the string is drawn tight. Easy targets [ edit ] A skilled pickpocket can hit almost any pocket, but all pickpockets prefer easy targets.

essay pickpocketing incident

Other easy targets are pockets that are easy to get at and out of the victim’s field of vision:. Some pouches have a second strap that goes around your chest; with these it’s not possible for the thief to snatch-and-run. Write a Essay on Robbery in a bus you were travelling.

So picckpocketing not possible to cut these straps or snatch away the belt. These are typically nylon and have many pockets, so you can have cash, travellers cheques and passport separated.


Essay pickpocketing incident

Lathi Charge on a Procession. Talk about a burglary you witnessed Essay topic: Free help with homework Free help with homework. Class duty Essay topic: Things I like to do Essay topic: Pickpockets are a hazard in nearly any tourist destination. Next day, my name was published in all the newspapers for the remarkable bravery I had shown for nabbing an anti-social element.

Most pickpockets employ some element of distraction. The incident Essay on baldia town incident.

Essay on A Pick-pocket Caught Red-handed

Get a money belt and wear it underneath your clothes. A cruise Essay topic: The ticket conductor thought that he was playing a trick to get away without paying.

This last person has small shifty eyes and he kept looking around. However, you do not have to close your mouth to everyone either.