EPrints Paris Institute of Techology http: A Case Study of Asia. References Bangalore Declaration IRs are part of a growing effort to reform scholarly communication and break the monopoly of journal publishers by reasserting institutional control over the results of scholarship. DSpace Universidad de Burgos http:

Few repositories have not mentioned the number of objects uploaded. Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age. University of Limpopo 29 April Before the advent of internet, File Transfer Protocol, gopher, and the World Wide Web were used to increase availability of scholarly material by lowering the barriers to distribution. Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings 2.

DSpace Stellenbosch University September https: DSpace October l’Institut de la http: Open Access Repositories in Asia: Some thoughts Institutional repositories are becoming prevalent in academic sector. DSpace December http: EPrints http: Repositories by Software Type Special items Few repositories have accumulated special items other than books, theses, articles, journals, reports etc. Nitya is used by only 1 repository.

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DSpace Technology, Bombay 84 http: EPrints Laboratory, India http: Home 24 Vidyanidhi, University of DSpace Salesiana http: DSpace Natal http: What Do Institutional Repositories Contain? At the time of data collection, there were E- theses repositories across the world with 25 of them from India. History of ETD activities.


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It is most essentially an organizational commitment to the stewardship of these digital materials, including long-term preservation where appropriate, as well as organization and access or distribution. Monographs and books 4. Manpower requirements, quality and quantity of contents, metadata standards, technical specifications, copyrights barrier, and policy issues are major concerns that need to be addressed for developing IDRs as component of open access knowledge movement.

ETD-db Library http: Institutional Repository has become an essential part or component of digital library that provides an alternative platform for sharing knowledge globally. Majority of the E-theses repositories thesix dedicated to science and technology. Home Indian Institute of 28 May It was found that DSpace is the most popularly used repository software followed by EPrints and other software like Nitya.

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Growth Rate of Repository year-wise Year No. Remember me on this computer.

dspace thesis thapar

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Maximises the visibility and impact of these outputs as a result 3. Opens up the outputs of the university to the world 2.


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A repository can hold wide range tyapar materials in different forms and formats for scholarly communications. DSpace of Science and http: The results of research presented in theses and dissertations are more accessible to scholars all over the world via the World Wide Web.

ETD-db Vanderbilt University http: Along with ETDs, these repositories also contain articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, multimedia objects etc. Status of E-theses Repositories with special reference to India.