You need to try the assignments before asking for help in open lab. Grades for MyLab Lesson E have been posted. Check out our video and projects at http: New to the course? Not reading the syllabus is not an excuse.

Introduction to Computer Applications. Once you have finished reading Getting Started, you may want to look at the resources below. Do not share files with friends, even if the only thing in them is an import of the starter data for the assignment. The projects below cover most of what you might expect to see on test day. You can skip a couple questions without penalty. Check out the video and projects at http:

Please read through it.

DAY 1: COURSE INTRODUCTION Harish Palakurthi January 13, ppt download

Requires MyITLab client on computer. To get credit for your MyLab work, it’s important that you follow our instructions carefully and completely. Arrive at least 2 hours before closing. Please note the distinctions!

cs101 wvu homework

You get an F for the course. CS classes meeting at 1: New to the course?


If you don’t follow the directions, it may harm your grade. Read the Start Here page! E-mail your section instructor to sign up.

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Please note that the Course Units have notes and course objectives. Homeworks are not group projects. I will compile that information and share it with the class.

Computer Science Exam 1 Review.

If you did not start your assignment with a blank, empty file that you yourself created, you have cheated. Please note, more assignments will be released as the semester proceeds.

cs101 wvu homework

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Robert Phipps Section 7D1. Introduction to Programming Fall If you need help, please visit Open Lab. You earn bonus points for completing questions. Get started with Computer Science by visiting the Start Here page.

DAY 1: COURSE INTRODUCTION Harish Palakurthi January 13, 2015 1.

Please note that we don’t use eCampus. If not, follow the instructions at https: It can be found on my website which is: Make fs101 you have the book, the MyIT software it comes with the book if you purchase the recommended eText bundledas well hoework the Microsoft Office software. Grades for MyLab Lesson C have been posted. Published by Maximillian Freeman Modified over 3 years ago. If everything was done on-time to date, you should have about points earned. Open Lab is held in Armstrong Hall weekdays.


We think you have liked this presentation. You need to complete at least 10 of them. Open Lab is very busy near homework due dates.

cs101 wvu homework

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