By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies Accept. The internally moderated marks for all candidates components 2 and 3 must be recorded on the Coursework Assessment Summary Form. You can download additional labels here. Compositions that display little evidence of consistent application or musical 1—10 1—20 understanding. The syllabuses provide opportunities for contextualised learning and the content has been created to suit a wide variety of schools, avoid cultural bias and develop essential lifelong skills, including creative thinking and problem-solving. Coursework address labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 2.

For more information visit our Internal moderation web page or view the Cambridge Handbook. Please see the Cambridge Administrative Guide for more information. Reporting an Unauthorised Entry: Any accompaniment may be live or through a backing track. Only a small range of simple ideas displayed, showing awkwardness in the handling of 1—3 material. Alternative notation should not be used for any piece which is capable of being notated in staff notation.

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To comply with the UK Equality Act courseworj, Cambridge has designed this qualiication with the aim of avoiding direct and indirect discrimination. Is the quality of invention consistent throughout the composition? Very simple keys, few accidentals, Strings no modulation.

Syllabus aims and assessment objectives 4. How to manage late arrivals Use this document for guidance on managing late arrivals.

Administrative forms and guidance documents

The compositions will reveal some evidence of idiomatic instrumental writing, although there may be some unevenness in terms of consistent quality of ideas and balance between parts. Moderation ensures that candidates across all our centres have been assessed against the same standards. Only a small range of simple ideas displayed, showing awkwardness in the handling of 1—3 courseworrk. They are created by subject experts, are rooted in academic rigour, doursework provide a strong platform for progression.


Administrative forms and guidance documents

It is assumed that Centres will have a CD player of reasonable quality, capable of reproducing the bass clearly. The mark will generally correspond to the mark level given in the guidance, however if the music is too dificult for the candidate and the skills demonstrated are therefore compromised, the mark should be reduced.

Go to our other sites. Remember me on this computer. Music requiring sensitivity to dynamics and phrasing. Learn more about Cambridge ICE at www. The main focus of each section is as follows: Other information Equality and inclusion Cambridge International Examinations has taken great care in the preparation of this syllabus and assessment materials to avoid bias of any kind.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Return of moderated coursework: Very simple keys, few accidentals, no etc. No creditable musical ideas.

(PDF) Cambridge Secondary 2 SYLLABUS Cambridge IGCSE ® Music | Jibuin Nkanjoh –

Less successful harmonisation; some attempt to use techniques to develop or extend ideas, 1—3 but revealing only a limited aural imagination across a relatively narrow range of techniques. Recordings should therefore always be available to them in school. Wherever possible, it is also desirable for candidates to have their own copy of a recording, so that they can listen at home as well. Compositions that display some elements of musical understanding and a 19—26 37—52 degree of aural perception, but are uneven in quality in several assessment areas.

It is essential that candidates hear their compositions in performance, even if it cannot be done with the exact forces intended. This is in order to ensure that marks submitted by the Centre are consistent for all candidates, irrespective of which teacher assessed the examination.


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If you work in a UK centre, for some coursework components, we choose the candidates whose work you need to include in your sample. For the purposes of moderation, teachers must record coursewrok performances and compositions and send the recordings, mark sheets and other materials to Cambridge. These changes are indicated by double black vertical lines either side of the text.

Samples database The samples database explains everything you need to know about administering coursework, speaking test and examined coursework components.

If they are not, the individual marks should be revisited. Reasonable use of resources; a fair range of workable textures, with some consideration of 4—6 detail, but with notable impracticalities in balance or occasional passages of awkward writing. The deadlines and process to submit materials to Cambridge are in the Cambridge Administrative Guide. In ensemble performing award 4 where the rhythmic co-ordination is good, and the phrasing, articulation and balance are mostly well-matched but perhaps with a small area of weakness.

They also develop their listening skills by studying music from the main historical periods and styles of Western music as well as from selected non-Western traditions.