Lying on your back and staring at a ceiling does not have to be boring. Theodore Sturgeon’s novel Godbody deals with a problem seemingly distant from this, yet I think it is very similar. His search, however, comes to end in the most normal of places, the ceiling above his bed. If there is one thing worse than the modern weakening of major morals, it is the modern strengthening of minor morals. If ever that abrupt appeal is made to us we may fail.

Favorite Father Brown Stories concerns an English priest named Brown who lives in 19th century England, and takes on various odd cases that come his way in everyday life. If he does it for some secondary hygienic reason, if he has some scientific explanation, he may get up a hypochondriac. Read the essay online HERE. Let them argue from the same first principles, but let them do it in a bed, or a boat, or a balloon. I do not speak, of course, of the seriously sick. Especially this is so in matters of hygiene; notably such matters as lying in bed.

Chesterton ponders whether this was the very act that inspired Michelangelo in his work on that other famous ceiling. Patrick Madden on Essays on the Essay. Turn sunward from the north, and shadows come to life, and are themselves the life, the action, and the transparence of their day. They will praise her if she eats organic, but tear her down if that organic food makes her overweight. Covering it with cloth or leather or fur in the name of ‘decency’ is a vice thought up by dirty old men; don’t blame it on God.

chestertons essay on lying in bed

This alarming growth of good habits really means a too great emphasis on those virtues which mere custom can ensure, it eseay too little emphasis on those virtues which custom can never quite ensure, sudden and splendid virtues of inspired pity or of inspired candour. A child sees them as the holding place for adventure indoors. An essay on a short story from the “riverside reader”.


This paper presents a critical review of G. I do not speak, of course, of the seriously sick.

chestertons essay on lying in bed

First of all, humans are unable to find items that are in obvious locations. At the end, Chesterton gives his qualification for lying in bed: He does this by showing the three parts of his theory on human nature.

Read the essay online HERE. What forms of Racism did you encounter in this book? A playwright can attack the institution of marriage so long as he does not misrepresent the esssay of society, and I have met Ibsenite pessimists who thought it wrong to take beer but right to take prussic acid.

G.K. Chesterton’s essay, “On Lying in Bed”

In it, he meditates on the act of lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Chesterton begins his essay by discussing his idea that items longed for by humans can be found in normal places. I read the essay to my 7-year-old daughter and she immediately wanted to start painting the ceiling. Even for those who can do their work in bed like journalistsstill more for those whose work cannot be done in bed as, for example, the professional harpooners of whalesit is obvious that the indulgence must be very occasional.

If ever that abrupt appeal is made to us we may fail.

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Get inspired and start your paper now! These are the topics explained by G. With the charges now laid and chwstertons time he has already served he will have only spent 25 years in jail.


Often, I find myself repeating the same schedule for weeks. The modern pharisees of the world are often of the sort that judge someone for the hour they rise, the type of food they eat, and the type of car they drive. Michelangelo sees it as a canvas. The narrator seems to be calm on the outside but she is being very hostile in her thoughts criticizing this waitress, her way to dress, her way to speak and the way she addresses Dara too.

Racism was prevalent early on in the book. This short essay by Chesterton is one of my bdd. Books Purchase books by our featured essayists at our Amazon store. All essays and images are in the public domain.

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In fact, it can be inspiring, depending on what your eyes can see via the imagination. To that purpose, indeed, the white ceiling would be of the greatest possible use; in fact, it is the only use I think lyying a white ceiling being put to. Enter your email to get updates from Recognizing Christ.