He is handling the situation as it is as a call for women to stand up and fight for their rights in the society. Linde become somewhat of a “female helpmate” since she eventually helps Nora cover the secret money she owes Krogstad. This depicts the oppression she experiences before realizing that she is equally as powerful as a man and that she is all able to support her family. Nora realizes that she is more than what she does or what his husband thinks she can do and has the right to manifest her talent or powers as a woman. Linde was widowed, she took care of her dying mother and young brothers. Get your paper now.

She cannot decide on whom to welcome in her family, neither can she decide on what to do in it. She shows the freedom s of a woman not married. Feminism in a Doll House. This is only the task of her husband. Linde tells Krogstad to let things be and let Nora and Torvald settle things on their own thus removing her title of “helpmate”. Women were not expected to educate themselves or become independent, which ensured complete reliance on their husbands.

Torvald says in the very first scene, “Is that my little lark twittering out there? Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Ibsen presents what he thinks about men and women’s role in society, equality between genders, and feminism.

a dolls house feminist thesis

This is the condition of women as at the time when Ibsen composes the play. But come here and let me show you what I have bought. Authenticity in Trumpet Essay. It is that last line of Anne Marie’s that really hits home with Nora later in the play. Ibsen introduces the fact that Nora is not allowed sweets; something that seems strange in this day and age, but in the 19th century was not uncommon.


Feminism in a Doll House Essay

We have a large number of writers specialized in. This is just a sample from a fellow student. Linde is indeed helping Nora most of all, because it is after this that Feminost comes to the realization that she lives in a dollhouse created by Torvald, and Papa in the past.

a dolls house feminist thesis

Just as Anne Marie complacently accepts her position in society, Nora allows Torvald to unknowingly choose her place in life, thus showing a side of Nora that the reader may not have gotten earlier. To spend time playing with the children. Nora is charming, sweet, and stunningly beautiful, and Torvald efminist a wealthy and successful banker.

This event is where one might say that Nora and Anne Marie are similar, as well as contrasting.

This is her turning point. It was because of her that her mother’s last years on Earth were quite easy and her brothers would have a bright future. In order to survive in the society in which she lives, Anne Marie very willingly gives up her only daughter for adoption simply saying, “I was obliged to, if I wanted to be little Nora’s nurse” Roberts This is contrary to what is expected of the then women.

In the beginning, she plays with the children, buys them gifts and showers them with affection, thus symbolizing that in this stage of Nora’s life, she is defined by her children. Plays in Performance ser. While it is a common concept for today’s women and girls to have the same opportunities, it was not at all present in Ibsen’s culture.


Nora realizes that she is more than what she does or what his husband thinks she can do and has the right to manifest her talent or powers as a woman.

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Christine Linde is a character that Ibsen uses to show that women can do things without a man. Wealthy, attractive, and prominent, dolle Helmers appear to be the perfect family.

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Nora goes for the change she wants. A major character employed to portray is Nora. Self Accountability or Serious Selfishness A long chain of events sets off the resistance shown by Nora. Oh well, young children easily get accustomed to anything. This realization and desire to leave the situation is what makes this a feminist play. Trovald reacts as expected and verbally abuses her before deciding that the matter should be forgotten, all is forgiven and they will go back to their normal lives.

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When she decides to leave it is obvious that it is a shock to Torvald, whom has always believed his wife to be obedient, especially when he gives her the chance to forget all about it.