Fast-paced course Overall Experience:. I decided to attend the UNCC Coding Bootcamp at the recommendation on one of my co-workers at the financial company we worked for. We are thrilled you had such a positive experience with our program, successfully learning the fundamentals of full-stack web development. I will finish this course and take my worthless certificate and most likely go finish my degree or use my GI Bill to go to a real coding boot camp. Just networking through class has yielded more results. Not sure what you’re looking for? Programming isn’t easy, that’s why it pays well and it takes a special individual to do it.

You come out of the course being knowledgable in both front end and back end development, which will give you the upperhand when applying for jobs, as well as building applications! You bring up a crucial component of our program that is important for future students to know! You get out what you put in Overall Experience:. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I now not only have new coding knowledge, but a lot more confidence with public speaking!

It can be overwhelming at times, very hard to concentrate with so many side conversations and thinking out loud going on.

The instructors and TA’s that I have worked with are all very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond what is written in their job description. The instrutors and TA’s are fantastic and will do ucc in their power to help you grow as a developer and succeed as a programmer.

I highly reccomend taking this course. Worth it if you put the effort in. This Review Is Helpful 6. We applaud you for all the hard work and dedication you invested in learning the course material, as well as starting your job search! The way my concerns and needs have been uncc aside just reinforces my arguments above.


You are absolutely right that the job search can be strenuous, and requires hours of commitment on behalf of students. I tutor students across the country working through homwwork same program, it is battle tested! Great Opportunity to dive into coding. We truly appreciate your feedback as we continuously work to improve our professional development services.

Hi James, thank you for your feedback. You have to write your own code, even when you feel like you have no idea what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your feedback and recommending this program. Best Decision I’ve Made!

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yncc Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mitchell! The instructors are professionals with many years of real-world development experience. What you learn you can apply immediately and will be the best decision you could make for your future as well.

I was looking for a career change, and I looked into this program.

They can tell you exactly how the skills they are teaching will be useful in the marketplace. At the end of this course, I had the confidence that I could build any type of web site or application that I could dream. We love hearing that your instructors shared their homewok insights into the field of web development and that your TAs provided you with the support you needed to learn these valuable skills, even going above and beyond to provide assistance to our students.


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As you mentioned, our course is intensive and designed to teach students a strong foundational skill set with which to learn additional languages post-graduation, so we are thrilled you truly appreciated this methodology. We regret our career services did not meet your expectations. It’s great to hear that you were happy with your instructors and that they were able to provide a ucnc learning experience.

But the results will more than make up for the challenges.

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It makes this worth every penny. Make sure to follow your ABC’s – always be unxc. I feel confident in the skills I have learned at this bootcamp and believe I will get a job soon.

web homework uncc

I took a break from University a few years back, and was absolutely terrified to go back into the classroom again. Think about what your bootcamp excelled at and what might have been better.

web homework uncc

As far as I know, this is the only boot camp that does this. My only advice is time management. It’s wonderful that you enjoyed our updated curriculum.