Seite drucken Zum Seitenanfang. After uploading your file and providing the bibliographical data, please send a personally signed printout of the publication contract via email, post or fax to Doctoral thesis service Main Library. Dies erfolgt durch Abschluss eines Wahrnehmungsvertrages bzw. Neben Forschungsberichten werden auch Projektberichte und Jahresberichte verlegt, jedoch keine Preprints. All published documents are freely accessible on the Internet and cannot be made accessible to a specific group of persons. The publications are sorted into categories.

Literature review doctoral dissertation statistics writing a narrative essay ap english. Such materials are generally not accepted for OPUS FAU unless the entirety of the submitted lecture texts constitutes a qualified scientific work. To give greater prominence to do in mla. Licences You can decide under which conditions you want to make your publication accessible to the public. Copyright remains with the author.

Already published documents shall not be deleted from the server. For more information, please visit this FAU information page: You may add more titles or delete them by clicking on the appropriate button. Here are the German special characters for you to copy obline paste in case you do not have a German keyboard: By clicking on the ‘detailed’ button, you can choose from a more detailed listing within a faculty.

Examples include animations, films, Veröffentlicchung programmes, videos or visual representations in a simulation.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

The royalty will get paid in the particular following year on the basis of a complex distribution key to authors and publishing houses. The operator has compiled and verified all information provided with great care.


Data protection and technical resources All data submitted to the operator in various onliine forms are used exclusively for business-related and technical purposes. Publication series Please enter in which publication series the volume was published if the series is not published within FAU dissertarion if you cannot find the title of the series in the series drop-down menu.

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A complete description of our peer review process can be found here. This applies to entirely electronic publications as well as electronic versions of printed documents. Wir besprechen dann gern mit Ihnen das genaue Prozedere. This information is only stored internally. The German Copyright Act Urherberrechtsgesetz, UrHG applies without restriction to documents that are offered in electronic form via data networks.

If your text has never been published anywhere before, please enter today’s date. The content of the site remains unaffected by this. This original content is to be distinguished from links to the websites of other operators. The URL designates the physical storage location of the resource.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

Classifications The following general and specialist classifications are currently available: Die Exemplare werden zeitnah hergestellt. State the URN when citing your work.

The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice or sound recordings. Review The document type Review includes reviews of books and articles, or summaries of a work that were not written by its author.


Part of a Book The document type Part of a book represents documents that were created as part of a monographic work, such as onlinf or contributions to collected editions. Please provide as detailed and complete information as possible. You will need to register with T.


Diese Produktion muss vorfinanziert und gelagert werden, wobei auch hier wieder Kosten entstehen. The organisation s responsible for the intellectual content of the document.

Documents that have not undergone one of FAU’s internal quality assurance processes, do not meet the requirements for final papers and theses given above and have not been reviewed by the Academic Advisory Board see http: Wie lasse ich dem Verlag die Basisdaten meiner Publikation zukommen? Find your book on. Often publishers allow Open Access publication on a university publication server after a certain retention period has been observed.

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This platform also refers to FAU pages with the domain “. Wie kann ich bestellen? For exceptions, for instance in the case of illustrated books with high resolution or contractual requirements from publishers which require geröffentlichung protection, please contact us in advance.

You may also submit the contract in person during our office hours or fax it: