He also contributed in building parts of Srisailam temple complex. The administrative languages of the Empire were Kannada and Telugu—the latter was also the Court language. Views Read Edit View history. The king was a staunch Vaishnavite and built temples in the Hoysala style of architecture. Despite Ketavaram had , foot soldiers and 3, cavalry he put up a stiff fight and defeated them.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Among those works the last one embodies a dual work which tells simultaneously the story of King Harishchandra and Nala and Damayanti. Vyasatirtha, a Sanskrit poet, wrote Tat-parya-chandrika, Bhedo-jjivana, Nyaya-mrita and Tarka-tandava. In , Krishnadevaraya’s armies clashed with the Sultan of Bijapur at Diwani. The king was a staunch Vaishnavite and built temples in the Hoysala style of architecture. He is known as a strategist who could convert a losing battle into a win.

He had a strong sense of justice and was ruthless in punishing offenders. In South India Vijayanagar krushnadevaraya a new era by setting up a modern city with major town planning which included drainage system, canals, irrigation systems and many more of which some are functional even till date.

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Manucharitramu stands as his most popular prabhanda work. July 1, krihnadevaraya A History, New York: Presiding over the empire at its zenith, he is regarded as an icon by many Indians.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

Banasthali University Apply Now. He is considered to be one of the great kings of India.

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This page was last changed on 29 Aprilat krishnadearaya She became his third queen. The grateful emperor suitably rewarded the exploits of the chief military commander, Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu, for his leadership in the battle of Raichur. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats.


On this great occasion, being a proud son of Great Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh which is sesay after him, I take opportunity to pay my respects to the great emporer ever born in this region and country. History of “Krishnadevaraya” Note: Battumurty alias Ramarajabhushanudu wrote Kavyalankarasangrahamu, Vasucharitramu, and Harischandranalopakhyanamu.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

Krishnadevaraya proved a talented general and diplomat as well as architect and city planner. His era has seen majority of military successes.

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Krishnadeva Raya learnt that his son was poisoned by Timma, the son of his great minister Timmarasu. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Retrieved 19 July Lovely Professional University Apply Now. King of Vijayanagara Empire.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

Among these eight poets Kriwhnadevaraya Peddana is considered to be the greatest and is given the title of Andhra Kavita Pitamaha the father of Telugu poetry. Jambavati Kalyanamu is his Sanskrit work.

He lavished on the Tirupati temple numerous objects of priceless value, ranging from diamond studded crowns to golden swords. Paes have mentioned in their write up that Krishnadevaraya used to do exercises daily in the morning by applying oil on his body and used to work out till all the oil came out in the form of sweat. The complicated alliances of the empire and the five Deccan sultanates meant that he was continually at war.


Krishna Deva succeeded his brother and soon proved krishnadeavraya mettle as an able king. The rule of Krishna Deva Raya was an age of prolific literature in many languages, although it is also known as a golden age of Telugu literature.


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He would redressed people’s grievances and command punishment to law breakers. Paes describes the king’s attitude to law and order by the sentence, “The king maintains the law by killing.

Vijayanagara empire — It is very nice to read about SriKrishna Devaraya. Taking advantage of the victory and disunity of the Bahamani Sultans, the Raya invaded Bidar, Gulbarga and Bijapur and earned the title “establisher of the Yavana kingdom” when he released Sultan Mahmud and made him de-facto ruler.

Madayya-gari Mallana wrote Raja-sekhara Charitramu. According to Nidatavolu Venkata Rao, who is the great writer of South India the reign of Krishnadevaraya is a glorious chapter in the South Indian literary history.