This reprint of Kaye’s work carries the title History of the Indian Mutiny of — Marathas tried to save Mughal rule and also their power in the north. They were assembled on parade and ordered to lay down their arms and after doing so, were fired upon mercilessly by British troops. The sniper fire and the bombardment continued until 23 June , the th anniversary of the Battle of Plassey. During the Battle of Aong, Havelock was able to capture some of the rebel soldiers, who informed him that there was an army of 5, rebel soldiers with 8 artillery pieces further up the road. The mother of both children was a sister of one of the Peshwa’s wives. The soldiers of the 53rd Native Infantry, who were guarding the magazine, thought that Nana had come to guard the magazine on behalf of the Company.

The rebel soldiers also pursued Wheeler’s boat, which was slowly drifting to safer waters. The Company officers and military men were allowed to take their arms and ammunition with them, and were escorted by nearly the whole of the rebel army. After the death of the peshwa in , the company refused to continue payments to Nana Sahib. An angry Begum Hussaini Khanum termed the sepoys’ act as cowardice, and asked her lover Sarvur Khan to finish the job of killing the captives. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge. One dead, six injured in Dukki firing.

Thank you for your feedback. Some of Nana’s advisers had already decided to kill the captives at Bibighar, as revenge for the murders of Indians by the advancing British forces.

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Lacking military knowledge, he could not command the mutinous sepoys, though he had the satisfaction of being declared peshwa in July by the rebel leader Tantia Tope and his followers after the capture of Gwalior. He fought the colonialists in a number of major battles.


However, once he entered the magazine, Nana Sahib announced that he was a participant in the rebellion against the Company, and intended to be a vassal of Bahadur Shah II.

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According to the book, he died between 30 October to 1 November and Brahma Chaitanya performed his last rites. Nana Sahib was the foster son of a Maratha peshwa chief ministerwho was the recipient of a pension from the Jana East India Company.

By 10 June, he was believed to be leading around twelve thousand to fifteen thousand Indian soldiers.

Nana Saheb’s appeal to the Court of Directors was not accepted. In response to Moore’s sorties, Nana Sahib decided to attempt a direct assault on the British entrenchment, but the rebel soldiers displayed a lack of enthusiasm. Retrieved 12 July Nana sent an army to check their advance, and the two armies met at Fattehpore on 12 July, where General Havelock’s forces emerged victorious and captured the town.

Oxford University Press An angry Begum Hussaini Khanum termed the sepoys’ act as cowardice, and asked her lover Sarvur Khan to finish the job of killing the captives.

short essay on nana saheb

But, soon after the ceremony he got engaged in a fight with Haviock, the British general in Kanpur. There were Indians too in in Kanpur who did not approve of the massacres; according to one witness, Nana Sahib himself did not approve of the killing of women and children at Satichaura Ghat.

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His general, Tantia Topetried to recapture Cawnpore in Novemberafter gathering a large army, mainly consisting of the rebel soldiers from the Gwalior contingent. Finally, Wheeler decided to surrender, in return for a safe passage to Allahabad. Our Bones Are Scattered: They were escorted off the boat and taken back to Savada house. On 24 June, he sent a sahebb European prisoner, Rose Greenway, to the entrenchment to convey their message.


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After some firing, the European men on the boat decided to fly the white flag. He himself took up the sword and spread the message of freedom through personal example of courage. The present whereabouts of this sword are unknown. Nana Saheb was instrumental in bringing Hindu-Muslim together to fight under one banner.

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In The Devil’s WindManohar Malgonkar gives a sympathetic reconstruction of Nana Sahib’s life before, during and after the mutiny as told in his own words.

Indian war nsna Independence by Savarkar, http: It is also known as the Sepoy Rebellion, sepoys being the native soldiers. Nana left the building because he did not want to be a witness to the unfolding no. The Doctrine of Lapse, issue of cartridges greased with animal fat to Indian soldiers, introduction of British system of education and a number of social reforms had infuriated a very wide section of the Indian people, who rose in revolt at a number of places all over India.

short essay on nana saheb

Archived from the original on 18 July Kanpur was recaptured by the British under General Havelock and the last serious engagement 16 July, resulted in a total rout of Nana’s forces. Many British writers have praised him for his irrepressible courage, fortitude and generosity.

A Chronicle of His Life and Times.