Kielder Forest is managed sustainably and is a valuable home and sanctuary for many species of flora and fauna, including deer, squirrels birds of prey, border mires with peat bog plant species. Furthermore, the land in the valley was chiefly farmland of low quality, so in this sense there was nothing highly important to lose. This means that it receives more rain than areas to the east, which lie in the rain shadow. Two hydro-electric generators installed at Kielder dam convert latent energy into electricity for the nation grid. Published by Daniel Howe Modified over 5 years ago.

Advantages Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Wildlife habitats were not very diverse or rare in the location so there were not many wildlife habitats lost. Disadvantages The breeding patterns of fish have been disrupted through the dam blocking the river. Electricity is generated through hydroelectric power HEP at the dam. Kielder Water can provide up to million litres a day, nearly as much as all the other sources in the region added together.

For humans, there were only 58 families that dwelled in the valley so re-housing was neither drastic kiepder difficult. The map below show the local setting for the dam. By the construction of the artificial lake, the main environmental issues would probably come from the actual process of digging out and lining the reservoir — due to logistics.

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Case study Quizlet Water Management Quizlet. T he Kielder Water reservoir is in the North west of the region, so is in a high precipitation zone, and water is then piped and run through rivers to the cities that have a shortage of water in the East. The forest at Kielder has been criticised for being too much of a monoculture only one type of tree — mainly Sitka Spruce.


kielder water case study

The Kielder pipeline cannot be used to supplement the water supply to the Derwent Reservoir itself. The main cities Newcastle, Sunderland etc and towns Middlesbrough are on the East coast, one of the driest places in the Cade Isles.

Monthly volunteering opportunities to work with the ranger team are offered as well as Osprey Oielder volunteering May- August and all year round mountain bike trailbuilding opportunities working with the Forestry Commission and also local Mountain Bike Trailbuilding volunteer crew Kielder Trail Reavers.

Auth with social network: For further information about the workings of the reservoir visit the Northumbrian Water website. Can you think of any renewable energy sources that are near. This means that while the south of England is often forced to implement drought strategies and hosepipe bans, north east England enjoys plentiful water supplies.

The main conurbations served by the reservoir are Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside.

How it all works

Kielder water is a management scheme designed to store water for the North East of England. Also, fewer pebbles travel downstream, which impacts on habitats. Registration Forgot your password?

Report Thu 25th February, It can act as a flood prevention measure. The lake is 11km long and stores nearly ,million litres of water — this helps in times of water shortages 58 families were displaced from their homes by the dam, their houses disappearing beneath the lake that fase.

In close consultation with the Environment Agency, which sets the release regime for the reservoir, water releases are used to encourage migratory salmon and sea trout to move up the river to spawn.


We think you have liked this presentation. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Clean water released from the dam has the increased potential for erosion downstream of the dam — this is known as clear water erosion. The scheme is a regional transfer system designed to allow water from Kielder Reservoir in the north west to be released into the Rivers Tyne, Derwent, Wear and Tees. The water is then released through a kieldder in the dam. Electricity generation is also a by-product of the release of water into the river.

Published by Daniel Howe Modified over 5 years ago.

kielder water case study

Rivers that flow into cities like Middlesbrough and Sunderland have much more water in them. Name and locate the scheme Describe the scheme both storage and transfer Explain why the scheme was thought to be necessary Give 4 advantages and four disadvantages of the scheme. Many families were moved from their homes in order to make way for the dam and reservoir.

Managing water supply – Kielder water The location of Kielder water was suitable because the river Tyne valley has a wide, flat bottom but steep sides; there is also dase high annual rainfall in the valley: These patterns are clearly visible on the maps below.

Large deposits of boulders, sand and clay were found locally so quarries around the country would not have to be involved.

kielder water case study

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