This is a great opportunity to bring science and research closer to girls and adolescents, to encourage STEM vocations and to interact with young researchers as well as with those who have a consecrated career. More information about the event here. A permanent call for applications will be opened on October, 1 and will run until September, 30 , with periodic closing dates. Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability. The seven IMDEA Institutes of the Madrid region will jointly present, with the support of the National Police , how science and technology help solving a crime and finding the criminal and its motivation. Registration and more information here. It is highly energy-efficient, through energy-conscious design, co-generation, and full automation.

Leaving their usual attachment to well-proven technologies and procedures, banking is embracing AI at all levels, from the interaction with clients to their core business. Moreover, the framework allows programmers to specify an “admissible” overhead level per program routine function, predicate, etc. We will have a closer look at their sport interests and how they impact their work, the parallelism between science and sport, and more that will be uncovered in the Researchers’ Night — including live questions from the audience. Roberto is best known for his extensive and foundational work on abstract interpretation: It is undoubtedly a suitable event to resolve all the concerns that arise when deciding on the academic future. The event includes a short presentation by the authors of each entry, and an official announcement of the competition results. Software verification is an unarguably-important research area as society becomes more and more dependent on its correct functionality:

Alessandra’s talk, entitled “Mining the Google Play for Anomalies” presented several analysis techniques to identify anomalous Android applications, such as anomalies that involve mismatches between the description and the implementation, anomalies in the use of sensitive information, and anomalies in the user interface.

Holland, the European representative of the U. Both students obtained their degree from the Technical U. This work presents a framework for reasoning statically about the overhead added to programs by run-time checks in terms of both algorithmic complexity and actual cost changes.


The work, that can be found hereperforms a large-scale analysis of malware network communication using During one hour, they spoke about science in general and, in particular, about the science they will show in an upcoming event in CSIC’s Residencia de Estudiantes on the evening of September 29th. Twitter Tezos announcement Tezos press release Press coverage Apr 20, Abstract of the talk Jun 13, Those attending the conference will have the opportunity to meet women researchers with a consolidated career, the research carried out on campus and will discuss the role of women in science.

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His work proposes new methods to develop automated cryptographic proofs in a cost-effective manner, ofrmat sacrificing rigour and obtaining end to end guarantees. IMDEA researcher is chairing three program committees. Catalano University of Catania, Italy.

This shall thesiss all costs related to the project, including travel costs. Identifying undesired variable interactions Abstract. The goal of these educational stays is for students to learn first hand how a company or research center works, as well as their techniques and working approach. Brian is also a founding member of the Microsoft Cryptography Review Board and consults on security and cryptography architectures, protocols, and implementations across the company.

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He has been promoted by the Boards to the rank of Distinguished Professor. He is the author of several dozen academic papers and patents.

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In the last years the need for a more powerful, flexible, and resilient Internet has arisen, not only in the scientific community, but also within its users. About Con ciencia en la escuela in Spanish. S Swamy medal from the Indian Institute of Science. In this talk Carmela introduced advances on privacy technologies, such as those developed at the IMDEA Software Institute, that enable the design of ICT systems with the same functionality as those of today but without breaching users’ privacy.


The overall goal is to boost EU entrepreneurship, and thus strengthen the basis of the innovation and technology-based economy.

These four papers are among 55 papers selected for publication out of over submissions to the conference. The creation of the JRU kernel started already in Decemberand it presently includes specialists in the Java and OpenStack platforms, as well as specialists in the administration of virtual cloud resources.

The results of the constraint solver indicate the cases under which cormat scenarios will or may occur.

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The paper generalizes this notion to the setting of common programming languages, where libraries and their clients can communicate via the heap, transferring the ownership of data structures, and can even run in a shared address space without any memory protection.

This new approach is jrk more relevant to code optimization that previous resource inference approaches.

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The workshop is aimed at discussing collaborative work on chosen software projects and, where possible, to bring those advances to Microsoft’s businesses. Afterwards a model-transformation function automatically lifts the policy specified by the security model to the GUI model.

The call formatt applications will remain open until September, 30with periodic closing dates. By establishing this Node in Madrid, EIT Digital is creating new opportunities in the region, providing space where researchers, entrepreneurs and educators can learn from each other and produce innovative new products and services – and educating the next generation of young thought leaders.

The layout facilitates the setup of joint research labs with industry and academia. Faculty member Juan Caballero and Ph. The thesis presents a novel, tool-supported model-driven methodology for developing secure data-management applications.