After obtaining my doctoral degree in , I joined the growing and active research group of Dr. Closing Recommendation Statement At the end of each letter, the recommender might briefly summarize why the petitioner has an extraordinary ability. Here are some examples of potential recommenders, ordered from the most independent and authoritative: I also found the possible mechanism for this decreased gene expression. Following the completion of his Ph. I have three awards from universities and two patents in my own country.

I submitted 6 reference letters, 3 from US and 3 from Canada and Japan. Evidence of this includes: Closing Recommendation Statement At the end of each letter, the recommender might briefly summarize why the petitioner has an extraordinary ability. It is necessary to highlight specific EB1A requirements and provide an explanation why the petitioner meets these criteria. Do you have any sample of art applicants? It is obvious that only original work gets published in these journals.

Trending Discussions on I Here, the alien applicant is required to show his extraordinary ability.

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I am writing this letter to explain my intention in obtaining permanent residence in the United States. Dear Sir or Madam: Also, he may provide the number of current members and his rank in the ACS such as if a senior membership. I am an inventor on more than 50 U.

I first noticed [petitioner] for his pioneering studies on solution ABC. For example, reference letters are often used to convince that the petitioner has made original scientific contributions of major significance in the field.


I was recently awarded a research grant in an open competition. These short examples are actually taken from the DIY kit which is based on real case. The recommendation letter should not include only general statements but rather detailed explanation with concrete examples.

Then comes the most important part of the reference letter.

Personal statement vs cover letter?

Date For Filing vs. Thanks and wish you all the best in ! Salutation I used a different salutation in each recommendation letter.

eb1 personal statement example

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I persobal request your kind and favorable consideration in my application for permanent residence. While your lawyer can certainly lay it out for you, you’ll still be the one responsible for providing material etc. To reply a RFE, he needs to be very careful to organize the evidences and line them up logically. For the patents, the key issue is to have some legal consultation letters stating why your patents are important.

eb1 personal statement example

From there, he proceeded to obtain his advanced degrees—MS. More about the DIY kit in the following blog post. If these letters contain strong arguments and explain how the petitioner meets specific EB1A requirementsthen lower number of reference letters might be sufficient.

The alien applicant may still have chance for the approval, and we do hear fair amount of cases are approved after RFE.

The recommender has no idea what are the specific EB1A requirements you need to address. During those years he served as a research sttaement and associate. His is an outstanding researcher of the highest caliber in the field of name of field and I most strongly recommend that his application be granted. For EB1 Exampld Ability Alien of Extraordinary Ability application and alien of extraordinary ability, you should have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim, and your achievements have been recognized in the field through extensive documentation.


EB1A applicants should demonstrate that they intend to continue their endeavors in the United States and eventually contribute towards benefitting the US national interest. The recommender should explain how she became aware of the petitioner and describe their relationship. Iuswy to participate in the large project devoted to the search of genetic regions in the human genome, which are involved persojal the vulnerability to drug abuse.

Eb1 personal statement example

The questions and answers for EB-1A application are updated regularly. Should I exampke more reference letters for the RFE? Subject The recommendation letter might start with a subject, for example: Also, the language of RFE is important.

eb1 personal statement example