To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The June 2 meeting report carries this little note: That’s what I am trying to tell the Legislature. Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers United. Kale learned that although MERS and securitization are still valid arguments, there is a stronger argument that questions the validity of Hawaiian land titles.

It allowed Hawaiian Alliance clients to stay in their homes and the audit provided them with the leverage they needed to begin to work out settlement agreements with their lenders with the assistance of a referred attorney. Activities of Christopher Fishkin and Michael Bein: Hawaii Right to Life — Oahu. Now What I Really Think. This may be a truly amazing moment in history actually.

Tax Foundation of Hawaii. She was asked by Bishop Cauchon to recant, and when she refused, the bishop had her burned to death.

Notify me of new comments via email. Homeschool Legal Defense Hawaii. For anyone serious about learning and understanding what happened in Hawaii this is a must read. Hawaii Aganst Assisted Suicide.

Military Home Educators’ Network Oahu. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Planning the next one for Maui already – stay tuned for details!

In her report from the Committee, Chair Faye Hanohano explained: Hawaii Credit Union Watch. Other founders were co-opted.

Keanu Sai’s Dissertation | A Peaceful Transitional Plan for Hawaii

A person who, though not present during the commission of a felony, is guilty of dissetation aided and abetted another who committed the felony. As I understand it, these agreements constituted treaties because they were entered into by two heads of state. Horns of Jericho Blog.


Union Members Know Your Rights. David Keanu Sai is back in the public eye 11 years after being put on probation after telling people that they could walk away from mortgages because of the way the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown. Sovereignty activist ‘tortures’ children HFP: Not Dead Yet, Hawaii.

dr. keanu sai dissertation

After consulting with a colleague, he began to learn about MERS mortgage electronic registry system and securitization. Keanu Sai, everything changed. Sai, the foremost expert in Hawaiian land titles, as an expert consultant exclusive to Laulima.

Congress Apology legislation signed by Pres. I have always refrained from responding to these types of articles, but I have since changed my mind in order to qualify and clarify a lot of misinformation being presented.

The Diocese of Honolulu has learned that there may be misunderstandings concerning the activities of two men in Hawaii, Christopher Fishkin and Michael Bein.


They are on the globe to represent the Holy Catholic Church in its original apostolic form of life, as depicted in the Holy Gospels. Managed Care Matters — Hawaii.


Simply put — two executive agreements that are still in existence between the Sao of Hawaii and the United States. Notify me of new posts via email.

dr. keanu sai dissertation

West Maui Taxpayers Association. It would also seem that If his doctoral dissertation is indeed accurate and valid, then the information, is a game changer; especially as regards the Executive Agreements between Pres.

Regarding the foreclosure case of Hilo resident Tracy Tamanaha, a Hawaii Independence Alliance press release helpfully announces: A pope condemned those Church activities dossertation canonized her.

All the information is historical, so it would appear to me that it would rd. relatively easy for anyone to check out the facts and see how they comport with history.

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Sai’s doctoral dissertation work, as are many highly educated, intelligent people throughout the Hawaiian Islands, as well as rr. You are commenting using your Google account. Malama Pregnancy Center of Maui.

dr. keanu sai dissertation