Hence, it is important that any material which will be significant to judging the quality of the dissertation or of the project as a whole should be in the main body of the dissertation, and not in appendices. This would make such an appendix very similar to the idea of appendices for mathematical proofs. Accelerator architectures are discrete processing units which supplement a base processor with the objective of providing advanced performance at lower energy cost. This module aims to provide a solid foundation for the Dissertation Project. This module is an introduction to the techniques used in modern 3D computer graphics. Students receive instruction both through taught lectures, and from their project tutors on an individual weekly basis, including:

They will gain knowledge of the assumptions underlying these models, their limitations, and how they are derived. Thus the dissertation structure below is only a suggestion. Moreover, the module requires a solid understanding of a programming language e. Another is to clearly elucidate the aims and objectives of the project and the constraints that might affect the way in which the project is carried out. This module introduces state-of-the-art software and hardware verification techniques which nowadays are widely used in industry.

COM Dissertation Project

It is often useful to start this chapter with an overview of its contents, giving the reasoning behind why you have structured it in a particular way. The main results of your work should be presented, together with critical discussion. This module introduces the foundations of object-oriented programming using the language Java. Undergraduate Project page The main assessment of the module is by a dissertation that is produced towards the end of the second semester, complemented by a project presentation session where the work done is to be demonstrated and questions answered.

Department of Computer Science

The module will introduce statistical machine learning and probabilistic modelling and their application to describing real world phenomena.

Your signed declaration means that you will fail your dissertation if you do not acknowledge the work of others. The course focusses on modern quantitative techniques for text analysis and explores important models for representing and acquiring information from texts.

The project is completed during the summer, and each student will have a personal academic supervisor to guide them during this period.


dcs sheffield dissertation

In particular, work is expected to continue at the end of the Autumn semester, after the interim report is submitted. This module introduces the principles of the emergent field of speech technology, studies typical applications of these principles and assesses the state of the art in this area.

For their individual project, students can choose from a wide range of possibilities in many different environments both within and outside the University. Do not include an appendix containing all your source code listings – disseryation this material will be collected electronically.

By submitting your project through MOLE, you agree to the declaration sheffiwld.

dcs sheffield dissertation

In particular, if there are technical details of the work done that might be useful to others who wish to build on this work, but that are not sufficiently important to the project as a whole to justify being discussed in the main body of the dissertation, then eheffield should be included as appendices. Everything you use should be cited by reference to the bibliography at the end of your dissertation.

Speech Processing This module aims to demonstrate why computer speech processing is an important and difficult problem, to investigate the representation of speech in the articulatory, acoustic and auditory shefield, and to illustrate computational approaches to speech parameter extraction.

This should explain the design technique chosen and justify why it is appropriate from the various ones available; it should select a suitable subset of the things described in the analysis chapter and develop a design. Moreover, the module requires a solid understanding of a programming language e.

Course content The programme consists of two semesters of taught modules disxertation a dissertation project, which is completed during the summer.

Dissertation project: Final dissertation structure

We will use this process to consider all applications received on or after 15 February An important aim of the module is to demonstrate the real-world application of object-oriented programming principles and design patterns in software for mobile devices. It teaches students disserfation to reverse-engineer and appraise complex, unwieldy systems by implementing source code and execution analysis techniques.

We will read and discuss both teaching material and research papers. It is important that you state how you will evaluate your work. It also introduces the legal areas which are specific and relevant to the discipline of computing eg intellectual property, liability for defective software, computer misuse, etc and aims to provide an understanding of ethical concepts that are important to computer professionals, and experience of considering ethical dilemmas.


From the abstract a reader should be able to ascertain if the project is of interest to them and presents results of which they would like sheftield know more details. There are many different types of project and so it is difficult to disxertation a detailed set of recommendations to suit every single dissertation.

The module is about core technologies underpinning modern artificial intelligence. Our world-leading research looks at current issues which affect us all. The emphasis of the unit is on the concepts and design issues related to layered communication protocol architectures, local area networks and internetworking especially the disxertation protocol suitewith a particular focus on the issues of network security, capacity and reliability, and the mathematical models underlying these.

This module aims dissertagion demonstrate why computer speech processing is an important and difficult problem, to investigate the ssheffield of speech in the articulatory, acoustic and auditory domains, and to illustrate computational approaches to speech parameter extraction.

Study with us We prepare our students for the world of work. The MSc in Software Systems and Internet Technology is designed for graduates of disciplines other than Computer Science, who have some experience of computer programming, and wish to build on their existing knowledge. Summary This module provides an introduction to the processes and problems of building complex software such as for use in aerospace applications.

This chapter brings together many of the points that you will have made in other chapters, especially in the previous results and discussion chapter. A substantial amount of time will be spent on the ideas of software testing and specific testing techniques.