The entire structure of Oceanic society is set against this possibility. Cameras and microphones are placed everywhere that record every movement, leading to a sense of claustrophobia. Though everyone around them was conforming to the ideas stated by their leaders, Roosevelt and King accomplished staying true to their beliefs, voicing their opinions, and gathering other believers. Literature , George Orwell. Winston, on the other hand, can wander the streets and even go on train journeys. It draws the audience into the world of until the reader becomes Winston Smith, sharing his paranoia, individualism, and his search for meaning and beauty in a world which denies their very existence. The future of the privileged society depends on it, but not all revolts succeed.

Winston shows us that no one can really know his fellow men. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is the hope of the government that by eliminating the words, these undesirable concepts will become unthinkable. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. His character gave off quite a depressing emotion whereas Offred knew how to fit in her humour. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Russia and Oceania had become dysutopian, a perversion of Marxist utopian society. In the aftermath of the fall of capitalism and nuclear war, the world has been divided among three practically identical totalitarian nation-states.

It is a prediction and a warning, clothed in the guise of thf fiction, not so much about what could happen as it is about the implications of what has already happened.

comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

In short, the essence of civilization, and thus utopia, is conformity at the expense of all that is natural in mankind. They rebelled against the normal, they rebelled against what was thought to be correct, they rebelled against their peers—they did this in order to show the government and compraative followers what was wrong with their way of control.

comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

handmaida Sex Crime Not only do these governments want to control what you say, think and do. Inyou will simply disappear, never to be seen again. The cold war was rapidly developing, and Orwell saw the possibility of world domination by two or three immense superpowers. Therefore, the failure of the party to provide is transformed into a personal conflict between individual proles over the goods which are available. Furthermore, an important similarity between the central characters in these novels is the use of memory.


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Those who showed intelligence or potential for leadership were not elevated through the hierarchy of society 184 party positions, they were vaporized. However, the hate figure in this case is live rather than on a screen, and the women — known as Handmaids — are invited to attack the hate figure as revenge for the crimes he has allegedly committed.

The result is a period of movement and reconstruction which is also a period of advance. The entire ane of Oceanic society is set against this possibility. It is based in a concept called linguistic determinism, which professes that humans think in terms of words. Only root words are used so as to avoid handmadis or implication of non-conformist ideas. Support your answer with reference to the text. Both novels are dystopias showing a corrupted society in which conditions of life are extremely bad.

The attack on communism is obvious, but the attack on church doctrine is largely disguised in metaphor.

Comparison of dystopian societies in and The Handmaid’s by Chiedza Peni on Prezi

Also, both characters are trying to rebel against the cruel system that regulates them as they struggle to conform like everyone else around them.

Inin particular, this sense of being constantly watched extends to people, specifically children — which are a new generation of perfectly indoctrinated citizens willing to expose even their parents for acts against The Party.


comparative essay the handmaids tale and 1984

Again my understanding of the GVV of the film at this point darkened considerably due to the fact that Tue was comprehending the sheer strength of the power Little Bill had over the townspeople, and again realising that there was no chance of a rebellion due to fear.

This is what had happened to the proles as well.

It is a reflection of trends which Orwell saw during his lifetime. He fought in the Spanish civil war on the side of republicanism. This, in essence, is the core belief which governs Big Brother is obviously modeled after Stalin, Goldstein after Trotsky. At one point she comments on her own narrative which shows why no story can recapture the whole truth of human experience.

This by itself would not be impressive, but upon further reading one can see some amazing parallels between the philosophy of Marx and the fictional world of Orwell. As you have usedthe depth of the points made needs to be amplified. I read a few years ago and was enthralled by the bleak violence portrayed.

English – comparing 1984 & The Handmaid’s Tale Essay

When a rebellious mindset comes in contact with an oppressed society with strict rules and regulations, the outcome suggests a better future through the realization of mistakes and unity for a common goal. You can get this essay on your email Topic: Make all your links between these 2 in relation to how your sense of GVV was influenced.

Beauchamp describes the Two-Minutes hate ritual of Oceania as the parallel to Christian prayer in which Big Brother god is worshipped and Goldstein satan is despised.