The team is focusing on designing a solution for pluvial flooding in the community of Renfrew, which has an outdated and under-designed drainage system. Milestones in the ECE capstone project courses. RezQ offers several unique features including industry-specific critique matching, sharable resume critiquing links similar to Google doc sharing , and a public pool of resumes which anyone can review at any time. The description of the system is the model, and the impossibility of all lights being green is the property. This results in sanitary sewer lateral backups during intense storm events.

Equilibrium Consultants Helical Pile Retrofit of a Settling Residential Building A two-storey residential building in Oakville is undergoing differential settlement with each side sinking slowly but at different rates into the soil. To accommodate this growth development has expanded into the northern portions of the city. We implemented an AI using counterfactual regret minimization and machine learning, and we use this AI both as an opponent for offline play, and for testing the game to ensure that there is no single dominant strategy. What can I expect from my capstone course? Over time, we expect the academic community as well as the media to use our tool as a quick way to understand and compare neighbourhoods and cities on key trends and indicators. The problem at hand is how to execute user-written code while offering performance and security. AVs are currently being developed, not only by traditional car manufacturers such as Toyota and BMW, but also by competitors new to the automotive industry, such as Google and Uber.

Students often face difficulties obtaining feedback for their resumes. Fertilizer use in the Grand River watershed has been found to be a large contributor of excess phosphorus loadings into uwaterkoo eastern basin, which has increased the risk of eutrophication.

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Procedural generation techniques, such as Perlin noise, are utilized to create the landscape, the roads, and the points uawterloo the rpoject signs and road marks are placed.

TYNY has been chosen to prepare the structural design of the Tongren City Five-Storey Building using the composition of structural steel for the first commercial floor and cold-formed steel for the upper four residential projrct. Alloy is a software that can generate counterexamples to failing properties on a model, and TCMC is implemented in its analyzer.

During the second course in the sequence, students compete for funding to start a company based on their capstone projects. This mechanism empowers students to work on state-of-the-art design problems that might be too risky for a company to pursue directly.


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A steam trap is a commonly used device in industry that separates condensate from active steam. We also have an appealing integration with Discord so that people who talk in one channel can easily set up a tournament bracket if they want to play right away.

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Baymax Stephanie Hu, Terence Li, Jordan May, Helen Tsvirinkal Baymax is a reminder system designed to help older adults living at home to better manage their medication regimen. Currently, there is a very limited amount of geomechanics data pertaining to subsurface lunar geology; through expert elicitation, rock parameters were developed and then modelled with Rocscience software. TCMC is a representation of CTLFC, which is explained next, model checking problem First of all, computation tree logic with fairness constraints CTLFCwhich uses a combination of temporal operators and path quantifiers to describe a property of the behaviour of a transition system from a particular state.

Currently the system implemented on the HoloLens is not performant enough to render images capstkne real time and is unable to fit a surface using the gathered points. A solution used to compete uwwaterloo the first-year challenges exists, but the solution has several issues.

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Northfour Consultants has endeavoured to design an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly student residence with cold-formed steel as the prouect structural material. This project focuses on preventing these hazards in situations in which there are no fixed-in-place snow and ice removal solutions available to truck drivers; such as at truck stops, or at customer facilities.

Our platform uses machine learning to predict the valuation of preconstruction projects and exposes that information to prospective investors on a web based trading platform.

Sandboxing for Algorithmic Trading: The use of various image processing algorithms along with machine learning is used to detect the defects in the stitching, this projdct along with uwayerloo focus on the hardware and software components, as they are equally important. We are helping capston easily record information about their child, view activity history on an app, and share with public health representatives to ensure that children and families are getting the best support possible.

Through this application, students will have the ability to update and track the status of all of their applications, record interview dates and times, and document any other useful information prooject as employer contact information. Swift is a programming language that is picking up lots of traction lately with its involvement in iOS. Improving the accuracy of breast-conserving surgery is an active area of research that spans multiple disciplines.


Equilibrium Consultants Helical Pile Retrofit of a Settling Residential Building A two-storey residential building in Oakville is undergoing differential settlement with each side sinking slowly but at different rates into the soil.

Currently an user would have to actively monitor the boxscores of every game.

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The building is prefabricated and it is light in weight. Temperature and acoustic data will be collected from an operating steam trap, and a computer program will be developed that can recognize the acoustic patterns cqpstone a failed trap. The scope of the project is on automotive seats as well as headrests and airbags.

With a proposed site location in the Northdale neighbourhood of Waterloo, the six-storey uwaterpoo was designed according to specific building requirements and guidelines as set out by the city.

This tool will help the dairy cooperative reduce fraud and improve farm incomes by ensuring that they have accurate and timely records. Venepuncture, the process by which a needle is inserted into a vein to draw blood or give medicine intravenously, is one of the most common medical procedures performed each day.

Finally, our platform applies ideas and concepts from previous courses in software architecture and distributed systems so that it is both scalable and reliable. We hope that Adrestia will combine the intellectual stimulation of StarCraft with the accessibility of Candy Crush. One method of achieving this is to progressively change from timber to bamboo construction in these regions.

Normally, students undertaking a capstone project are in their last year of the program. The co-op program at the University of Waterloo believes so strongly in the power of mentorship that they mandate each company to provide a student with a mentor to guide them through the challenges of the workplace, technical and otherwise. Each term, students make up to a hundred job applications with no easy way to track the status and tasks involved in all of their applications.